BoardWell aims to help guardians, staff, parents and boarders manage their boarding school activities effectively. The application is downloaded by all parties involved and is managed from the administrator’s side.

As a House Director

Using the BoardWell App the house director has a real-time view of the current status and whereabouts of all boarders in their care

  • See who is currently in or out and when they are expected to be back
  • Log conduct assessments
  • Communicate by sending in app messages
  • Perform roll call
  • Quickly respond to leave requests while having relevant information at hand

BoardWell is a dynamic management application with all the capabilities needed to ensure the smooth operation of a boarding house

As a Guardian

  • Apply for leave
  • Approve specific activities that the boarder is allowed to attend
  • Manage medical information
  • See the last location where the boarder was last checked-in
  • Select individuals who are allowed to transport the boarder
  • Set a security code that has to be supplied by the selected transporter before the boarder can be transported

As a Boarder

  • Apply and review leave
  • See the status of leave requests logged by their guardian or themselves
  • Check into a location using the app
  • Receive communication via in app messages

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