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What can BoardWell do?

BoardWell is a dynamic management application with all the capabilities needed to ensure the smooth operation of a boarding house. BoardWell aims to replace frustrating paper based admin of current methods of  boarding house management, and allow the director of a house to spend more time managing and on communication.

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BoardWellaims to help guardians, staff, parents and boarders manage their boarding school activities effectively. The application is downloaded by all parties involved and is managed from the administrator’s side.

BoardWell for all


The BoardWell Application is used by all parties involved (Learn More here) allowing everyone to be on the same page and reduce miscommunication. Transport safety is ensured by “Approved Transportation”, authorised  by the boarders guardian(s),  who are sent digital keys which must be given to security upon pick up of boarder.


The Boarding House Director has access to all the boarders information on hand to make quick and accurate decisions on the spot. As when a boarder applies for leave, the director gets all of that boarders information (including current school conduct and what the boarder is allowed to do) and make a decision with reasoning there and then, no paperwork.


Guardians can keep track of the boarders current conduct and absenteeism. Guardians can approve certain activities and see where those activities are checked-in by the boarder. Guardians can manage the boarders medical information,  leave and approved transporters.


Boarders can receive communication from the director (if leave applications were approved or denied)  and if they require assistance, drop a pin of their current location of which the director is notified and can take necessary actions.